About Potential Ability

Potential Ability

Potential Ability supports clients over the age of 65 as well as younger clients accessing Department of Veterans Affairs or Lifetime Support Authority funding - enabling for our clients’ the freedom of independent, dignified and sustainable living and endeavours to support a positive quality of life.

We Believe In:

  • The right of people to make choices in their own lives;
  • The right of people to expect dignity, respect, privacy and confidentiality;
  • The right of people to be valued as individuals;
  • The right of people to access services on a non-discriminatory basis;
  • The right of the community to have an accountable and responsive service.

Service Locations

We have a team of dedicated and experienced Occupational Therapists, who provide in-home services to metropolitan and regional areas of South Australia including the Adelaide Hills, Murray Mallee, the Riverland, Southern Metropolitan Adelaide and the Fleurieu Peninsula. We offer a prompt and reliable service that is easily accessible for all.

Skilled Therapists

Living with illness, injury or other disability can negatively impact on a person's day-to-day functioning. Our therapists are skilled in the assessment and ongoing treatment of individuals who have concerns about managing their daily living activities. We work with the client to facilitate safety, while supporting a greater level of independence in their everyday life.

We assist clients to achieve their full potential through:

Education / skills retraining / rehabilitation;

To reduce impairment and increase capability;

Such as walkers, wheelchair, seating, scooters;

To facilitate safety and confidence;

To increase and maintain independence;

Regarding support services.

Through Our Work, We Aim To:

  • Provide clients with the skills and aids required to manage illness, injury and chronic conditions.
  • Offer a professional consultative service to maximise a client’s safety and ability to remain living at home.
  • Educate clients, care givers and service providers.
  • Maximise the clients' Quality of life.